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Nov. 18 and Dec. 10, 2020 at Great Highway and Balboa

Video #2:

Me: So I’m filming you guys right now. I’m talking to the police and fire dept. The fire dept. says he’s in charge. No one has given any written notice. And a park ranger lady just walked off said they have 45 minutes.

Me: You refusing to talk to me does not negate the fact that these people have not been given written notice on these tents.

Me: Okay. I’ve read your police bulletin from May of 2018. And you only have four choices. The CDC resolution precedes ALL of that. These people were given no written notice. There’s a sick man out here who just got out of the hospital. He is being made to clean his own tent up. NO WRITTEN NOTICES. As a member of the police dept. you are acknowledging BY IGNORING ME you are acknowledging no written notices were given on the tents.

Park Ranger lady: mumbles

Me: Gotcha. That’s what she says, lady with the police. The lady in the park said you are in charge. YOU are in charge…

SFFD: Ma’am, give me a little space.

Me: You are in charge. We are filming. You are aware you are being filmed. You are aware this is going to court for an injunction. These people have NOT GOTTEN written notice that this was happening. The park lady said this is your responsibility.

SFPD: Okay.

Me: You acknowledge. Okay. Good. Thank you.

SFPD: I’m not acknowledging…