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Nov. 18 and Dec. 10, 2020 at Great Highway and Balboa

The captions on the photos are the exact wording as what was written into the civil rights complaint I filed Nov 25, 2020, .

Photos by Ramona Mayon Nov. 18, 2020 7 to 11.30 am “sweep” of Great Highway and Balboa encampment (these were taken to show the site was near no business or residence entrance or public bus stop; site was not overcrowded or filthy; tents were 6′ apart; sidewalk had 6′ or more passage).

7am to 7.15 am
that’s my key and I’m asking “Where’s the Notice?”
Ramona Mayon 11.18.20
a photo I took the night before
I have been here since Oct 15
I wrote brief the same day, in my “house car” and printed it.
My home which I feel is now endangered
due to my activist stance on this matter.
This man is very ill and wwawas in ER 2 days befobefore (enlenlarged heahearheart and fluid on lungs); his firsfirst awarennesawarenness this is happpening (NO NOTICE)
This is trash dumped on the corner by a non-encampment resident; it was not there when I left the night before.
Man in charge Mike Mason badge #52 SFFD paramedic…he is one on the video tapes (with permission so its admissible)
Head guy – DPW. Kept asking rude questions of the people being swept “Why won’t you pay rent?” …”Why do you live like this?” … “Why won’t you take our help?” He told me his legal name was “Big Dog” and he posed for this photo. He then said “Everbody wants you out so you gotta go.”
Panoramic view by 8 am
Where I park at night in car around corner because I have been friends with Mitizi (12 years; below in black coat) and she helps me with my grief over losing my husband of 27 years to COVID four months ago.
Man above is her husband. Their home is the white trailer. In this tent, the sick man is frantically cleaning and packing. No notice.
Six feet between tents.
Please note the trash can at every tent (residents took away own trash)
Mitizi’s water station for the encampment: where is the
His home taken because no notice given so no time to dismantle SFPD ordinance 169 requires both notice of impending sweep and that possessions can be stored for 90 days at no cost to owner.
He is trying to get his personal belongings even as they take them away. He tries.
She objects to me filming.
He leaves with only tarp and sleeping bags
No notice.
No notice.
The really sick man has been cleaning for 3 1/2 hours, gasping for air
Here he has finished it.
No notice.
The scene outside his tent after all other tents thrown away or taken down by occupents. No one cared this man was so sick. Just us.
Most of these tents were behind Safeway but this camp was “swept” earlier in September
The next day. Told “It will continue. “
The sick man’s tent is the only one there. Mitizi is caring for him and helping with his insurance and taking medicatiins on time (and eating).

Video #1

Me: We need written notices for people, sir. Why were there no written notices, sir? Who is in charge of giving written notice on the tents?

SFFD: Ma’am

Me: They have rights. The CDC says they can’t be moved. And they have a right to have an encampment and have a system.

Other plaintiff: Ramona (mumbles)

Me to other plaintiff: I know they can arrest me for that.

Me following SFFD: SIR, the LAW is being broken. Just because you are the fire dept. and police you CAN’T just BREAK the RULES!

Park Ranger lady: So…

Me: Sir, excuse me, sir.

SFFD: You are going to have to give me some space.

Me: I am right here. I am recording this.

SFFD: I understand.

Me: Now I want to know why the people did not get — WHO gives them the written notice? SIR, these people are supposed to have written notice that this is happening. I am taking this to court tomorrow. WHY did these people not receive WRITTEN NOTICE? WHO IS IN CHARGE, SIR? Sir, sir, who is in charge of giving these people written notice?

SFFD: mumbles

Me: No. You have to obey the law.

SFFD: I will speak to you again, but I do have to work…

Me: I understand that but why…

SFFD: Thank you

Me: But they are not supposed to be being moved. They have not agreed to shelter. They have not agreed to shelter.

SFFD: Ma’am, I can’t engage with you right now because I’m helping other folks.

Me: I’m filming you to take you to court. So I understand the Fire Dept. is in charge of things here has not given notice to anyone written notice and is not obeying the CDC rules, resolution, SIR, sir, SERIOUSLY, you are going to court tomorrow.