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Nov. 18 and Dec. 10, 2020 at Great Highway and Balboa

The following pictures (and above videos) were submitted to the Court on Dec 22, 2020 as part of a new petition for a writ of mandate (NOT ex parte), asking for the City to give notice of future “Resolution”:

On Nov 16, 2020 when the HOT team signed up plaintiff R.M. for services and gave verbal notice to ONE encampment resident, who in turn told R.M. who dismantled her tent that day and left for a different street. She sent the below text message to another camp resident. In their Declaration, the City lied and said R.M. in particular, was approched with services by the Housing Outreach team on Nov 17, 2020, which didn’t happen because she was in another area. Irregardless, the notice was supposed to be in writing and posted. But still, it’s not a good sign to be “misrepresenting “so early in the case.

These (official) people came Nov 16, 2020 and verbally warned ONE camp resident of impending “sweep” on Wednesday Nov 18, 2020. Plaintiff R.M. signed a document with these people (from SF HOT team) and after being told about “sweep”, she immediately dismantled her tent:

A few of the tents reformed on Balboa and La Playa:

Food dropped off from Meals on Wheels. It was found sitting on the curb. Camp residents didn’t trust it already, due to it being pork and fish, but I made them all laugh out loud (if somewhat uncomfortably) when I reminded them how the Indians were given smallpox-infected blankets by the white man. I warned them, “Just be careful. Let’s not take any chances. People are pretty hostile around here. long have you been here – six months? Oh yeahhhhhh. Do not eat food whose hand you did not see it come from. You are vermin to the neighbors. This is a right-to-exist issue. Don’t forget it. Poison wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibilities.”

Speaking of cooking, the camp was told on Dec 10, 2020 by SFFD that they couldn’t cook outdoors with an open flame, which means a tent dweller, such as below,

cannot eat hot food, which is more nutritious and healthy than fast food. A vehicle dweller, such as R.M. can prepare food such as this:

That’s a human rights violation, to tell someone they cannot cook their food. All people must have hot food.

This is the bathroom trailer that HSOC wrote about in their Declaration. The three times I have walked to it, it’s been locked with no one in attendence. See in the background, the Beach Chalet. Now look on the map how its more than a 10-minute walk, especially for an older person who is disabled with mobility issues like R.M. The blue dot (below) is the encampment and the red icon is the Beach Chalet:

OCEAN BEACH and Great Highway, San Francisco

Where we ran afoul of the authorities, three weeks after the first “sweep” on Nov 18th, was when a brand new (artificial) Christmas tree was given to the camp and we put it on the sidewalk. After complaints and 3 visits from the law, the tree was attached to the travel trailer belong to the Fatas.

The second “sweep” (attempt) occurred on December 10, 2020 and part 1 was at 11 am at the secondary camp, where one girl cleared her tent and moved as instructed:

Part 2 occurred at the primary camp two hours later, where first the camp residents were given (each) given three plastic bags containing toiletries (for non-existent showers!) by various non-profits (at what cost to taxpayers?) who arrived at same time as Park Rangers, police, SFFD and HOT team, at which time camp was informed that the sidewalk was part of Rec and Park (contrary to what was said in video ABOVE of 11.18.20 by head of homeless enforcement, Park Ranger Sgt. Maja Follins).

Note the black canister: Narcan, the drug to bring people out of overdoses.
SFFD Paramedic Captain Mike Mason, next to my SUV, turned and asked if this was my vehicle. Yes, I told him. Car at night, tent for day use, due to smallness of car.
As did another female camp resident, i too took my tent down due to fear of property confiscation.

Dec 21, 2020 harassment by DPW telling the secondary camp they are “being cleaned NOW” at 6.30 pm when it has been dark for 2 hours.